How do taxes work as a relief contractor with Roo?

At Roo, our goal is to make relief work easy for veterinarians and technicians, and that includes providing significant help with your taxes as an independent contractor. Roo's platform automatically keeps track of your hours and earnings to help you file your taxes each year. When you first sign up, our tax center will automatically issue a W-9. 


If your earnings add up to over $600 in a single year, Roo will provide a single 1099 form that covers all relief income you earned through our platform for the calendar year. We even track your mileage, which can be applied as a tax write-off.

For answers to more specific tax questions, see our 1099 FAQ. Additionally, we have a partnership with Fit Money CPA to support you with any tax needs that go beyond our expertise. If you have any additional questions about your 1099, please feel free to email us at 

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