My Hospital needs to Cancel a Shift

We understand life happens, and your hospital may need to adjust their schedule. We also recognize our veterinarians and technicians need time to replace canceled shifts. To best serve both our hospital and vet/tech users, Roo has penalties for canceling shifts after they’ve been confirmed


If you need to cancel an upcoming shift, request a cancellation in the Roo app or online platform. Simply navigate to your Confirmed Shifts tab and click the 3 dots icon in the corner of the shift card. You’ll see an option to “Request Cancellation.” 


Please let us know as soon as possible to receive a partial refund for any shifts canceled with at least 2 weeks advance notice (see below). 


Weekend, Holiday, and Emergency shifts

Unfortunately, we do not issue refunds for canceling weekend, holiday, or emergency shifts.


Vet/tech cancellations

You will receive a full refund and will not be penalized if a vet/tech cancels and the shift cannot be filled.

Need to make changes to an upcoming shift?

If you need to make changes to an upcoming shift, please see our article: “Hospital Shift Change: How to change the time, date, or location of an upcoming shift” article.”

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