Promos with Roo

Occasionally, Roo offers vet and tech promotions, which allow you to earn even more money and sometimes other great giveaways just by requesting and completing shifts. Be sure to sign up for our email alerts to be notified of all our latest promotions!


To successfully complete a promotion, you’ll have to Claim the promo in the Roo app BEFORE you request any shifts. Once you claim a promotion, you’ll see a promotion tracker appear at the top of the Roo app, that’s how you know you’re good to go!


From here, any shifts you request within the promotion request period will count toward the claimed promotion. Remember, you’ll still need to be confirmed by the hospital AND complete these shifts to successfully claim your promotion. It can never hurt to make a few extra requests just to be safe.


The progress bar at the top of your app will track which completed shifts count toward your active promos. If you have more than one promo active, this is helpful to keep an eye on.


Finally, when you complete your last shift, your promo will be direct deposited into your connected bank account just like all your payments. 

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