Using Boosted Shifts or Roo SOS to help to find coverage

Need to fill a shift on short notice? Roo has a number of tools to help you quickly get the relief support you need.

Boosted Shifts

We can make any shift a Boosted Shift, which provides additional financial incentives to encourage our relief vets and techs to pick up your shift. Boosted Shifts are especially visible to Roo vets and techs as they appear in a different color when they browse shifts.


You can boost a shift from your Roo Dashboard: simply click “Boost Shifts” on the home screen or navigate to the Manage Shift Tab > Unfilled Shifts. There, you’ll be able to click the three-dots icon on any unfilled shift and easily boost it with the amount you choose.

SOS Boosted Shifts

The Roo SOS feature allows you to get immediate visibility from our community for a high-priority shift to ensure it gets filled as quickly as possible. If the shift is posted early in the day, you may even be able to get it filled same day!


The minimum boost rate for SOS Boosted Shifts is $250 for Vets and $75 for Techs. 

If you meet these minimums, simply reach out to your favorite local Roo representative and ask them to send an SOS. We’ll send a text message to all the vets/techs in your area letting them know about your high-priority shift.  

NOTE: If a vet or tech cancels a confirmed shift at your hospital, we’ll do everything we can to get that shift filled and any Boosted rate costs to get us there!

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