Hospital Shift Changes: How to change the time, date, or location of an upcoming shift

Need to make changes to an upcoming shift? Contact us directly, and we’ll help you update any details.

How to make shift changes before confirmation

If you need to make changes before a shift has been requested, you can easily edit any posted shifts using the Roo app or online platform. 

If a Vet or Tech has requested the shift but not yet been confirmed, you won’t be able to make edits to the shift without notifying them. We recommend you do not confirm the shift at this point as that could make you responsible for additional charges if you need to make changes. 

Instead, please reach out to Roo via chat, phone, or email at, and we’ll help you coordinate any changes with the requesting Vet or Tech. This will give you the ability to make shift changes without losing the interested Vet or Tech. Alternatively, you can always create a new shift with the correct details, just be sure to delete the old shift request so you don’t accidentally confirm the incorrect one.  


How to make shift changes after confirmation

Please contact us directly if you need to make changes to a confirmed shift. Please note: If you change the duration or type of shift after it has been confirmed, additional fees may be applied.

For any changes that include: vets/techs leaving early or starting later, shift duration changes, or location changes please contact us with at least 24 hours notice so we can help. Because these changes are occurring after the shift has been confirmed, if you shorten a shift, the original rate may still apply. 

If you’re changing the time or location of a confirmed shift, please discuss these changes with the Roo Veterinarian or Technician scheduled by reaching out using Roo chat. You can use our Roo Chat feature to send a message to anyone who has confirmed a shift. 

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