Can I hire a veterinarian or vet technician to work at my hospital full-time?

YES! This is encouraged. We welcome the opportunity for Roo vets or vet techs to transition to full-time placements at hospitals, especially if you already had great experiences working together.

Roo can be a great way to find vets and techs in your area if you're looking for new hires. Feel free to use Roo as part of your job application process to try out new candidates for a shift or two. We just ask that you please notify Roo and pay a placement fee for this referral service.

Our Roo Uni externships program can also connect your hospital with veterinary students looking for externships and eventual career placement (more info in the Externships tab).

Ultimately, Roo is a veterinary staffing solutions company, and we are happy to help serve your hospital however works best for you.


Here is how to hire full-time a vet professional you worked with through Roo:

  1. Indicate which vet or tech you’re interested in, then press Submit.
  2. We’ll follow up with you regarding the interest level and any other feedback from the vet/tech. You may have already informed the vet or tech of your interest, and that’s awesome. We can help speed up the process!
  3. If they accept, we’ll send over our permanent placement agreement and invoice you for the amount owed. That’s it!

We can also help you resolve any conflicts with the Roo Vet/Tech’s remaining schedule. Any future shifts you may have scheduled with the vet or tech you’ve hired full-time will be refunded automatically with no cancellation fees. We do ask that the Vet or Tech still honor their shifts at other hospitals if we can’t find replacement coverage as those hospitals (and pets) are relying on their help too.  

You can find more information regarding Permanent Placement in your Roo account under Our Policies. If you need any support, we’d be happy to help!



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