How can I increase my chances of getting my shifts filled?

With Roo, you choose the veterinarians and technicians you want to work with, and they choose you. Therefore, the best way to ensure your shifts get filled is to receive high ratings from the relief vets and techs working shifts at your hospital, which will come naturally from creating a positive work experience. Our blog post on how to become a 5-star animal hospital is a great starting point for some helpful tips.

You can also use your profile to highlight what makes your hospital unique, enticing vets and techs to pick up shifts as many of our relief professionals are looking for diverse and unique experiences.

The Roo app will also make suggestions to help optimize your shift postings and increase their chances of being filled. Generally, shifts have the best chances of being filled if they're between 6 to 8 hours in length and posted 60 to 90 days ahead of the shift date.

Additionally, Roo's Boosted Shifts feature allows hospitals to create a financial incentive for veterinarians and technicians to pick up your shifts.

If you need additional support, are amazing Account Managers are here to help your hospital meet your needs. Reach out to your local representative to get even more help filling shifts with personalized support.

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