How does Roo help my hospital find vets and techs near me?

Using Roo is easy, quick, and convenient. Simply post the shifts you need filled on our platform, and we'll connect you with vets and techs in your area.

We'll ask a few questions about the shift so we can provide full transparency to our relief staff, and you'll have a chance to review the full profiles of any interested veterinarians or technicians to provide this same transparency to you before you commit. Finally, you confirm the shift, and after the shift's completed, you rate your vet/tech's performance to let other hospitals know how it went.

If you wish to save even more time, you can choose our Instant Book feature to bypass the profile review process and automatically book either the first vet/tech who requests the shift or any vet/tech you've worked with before that you've rated 4-stars or higher. We're all about making your life easier.

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