How do I post a relief shift?

With Roo, posting a shift is fast and easy. Simply log in, and you'll see options to add a new vet or tech shift immediately on your dashboard. Then, answer a few short questions about the shift, click "Save Shift," and you're all set.

The shift will then be posted publicly, visible to vets or techs who will have the option to "Request" you shift. You'll be notified whenever anyone requests one of your posted shifts, giving you the opportunity to review the profile of the requesting vet or tech and decide if you want to work with them. If it feels like a good match for you, it will be your decision to "Confirm" the vet or tech you wish to work your shift to make it official.

That's all there is to it! Once a shift is confirmed, you'll be able to chat with your Roo Vet/Tech within the Roo app to sort out any details ahead of time.

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