How does Roo work?

Roo helps veterinarians find great hospitals to work at, matching skilled doctors with shifts in need of coverage. As a relief veterinarian with Roo, you'll start by creating a profile, which only takes a few minutes. Then, you can conveniently browse available relief shifts in your area and select shifts when and where you want to work. After working a shift, rate your experience to let other relief veterinarians know how it went. You'll then get paid within two business days.

Roo aims to provide full transparency of all our hospitals to ensure the best possible matching and make every shift a success. Relief veterinarians and hospitals have profiles that provide key information and user-submitted ratings. Our website and app enable you to search hospital shift opportunities by location/distance, shift/appointment type, support staff availability, and skill sets required. We also provide dynamic pricing, compensating you accordingly for your market and the type of work performed.

It's easy, quick, and convenient. Your time is valuable, and Roo is here to give you your time back.

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