Can Roo help me find employment when I graduate?

Absolutely! Roo was first created as a relief staffing service to help veterinarians find work at hospitals in their area. We recommend new grads have at least six months of strong clinical experience before venturing out into the world of relief, and we can help you find employment as soon as you're licensed.

Working as a relief veterinarian is a great way to begin your veterinary career as it allows you to create your own schedule and try out a wide variety of clinics and shift types to see what you enjoy best.

We encourage our vets to find full-time work through our app, and the experiences you have and connections you make working at different hospitals will help you find the full-time position that's a perfect fit for you. As a bonus, you may even earn more working relief shifts than you can full-time, and our app does not differentiate pay based on experience.

To register as a veterinarian click here or email to ask about converting your student account to a vet account.

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