How are Roo's relief vets and techs screened? What are their qualifications?

Roo is devoted to providing veterinary relief staff of the highest quality that you can depend on to provide exceptional care.

First and foremost, all our relief professionals are fully licensed in the state(s) in which they fulfill shifts, and we review their qualifications during our onboarding process, meet with them one-on-one, and conduct background checks. The work history and experience of all our professionals will be available for your review in their profiles.

Additionally, if you need veterinarians who are DEA registered, you can make this a requirement when you post a shift. We review these credentials as well so you can be certain you're getting the qualified support you need.

Our aim is to make every shift a success for our hospitals and your clients, and this begins with selecting only the top veterinarians and technicians to represent Roo and your hospital.

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