What services does Roo provide for animal hospitals?

Roo is an easy-to-use veterinary relief services platform offering quick access to a premium talent pool of veterinarians, technicians, and veterinary assistants in your area for all your short and long-term staffing needs. Our goal is to make the process of filling relief shifts as simple and efficient as possible to save you time and take work off your plate.

How you use Roo is up to you, whether you need part-time relief coverage to stay productive or are looking to try out and hire new full-time vets and technicians.

Roo aims to staff dependable, quality, compassionate vets and techs who will provide exceptional service to your clients and contribute to a positive client-hospital bond. We strive to make every shift a success.

Additionally, our Roo University Program gives hospitals unprecedented access to first through fourth year veterinary students and recent graduates for externship placement and staffing.

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